South Africa’s brand new global hit, Flip Out, is taking the country by storm. It’s a flipping fun activity which takes place in an enormous arena containing dozens of interconnected trampolines.

Flip Out takes the concept of jumping to new heights, delivering a massive adrenaline rush from a no-gravity rules experience. Flip Out is contagious and you will never want to leave its walls and floors of Trampolining fun. It’s also an experience the whole family can enjoy.

We, at Flip Out, aim to give you healthy, awesome fun on our massive trampolines, with exciting ball games, events, and more! We are full of surprises for everyone’s enjoyment. Now at last, the whole family can experience the fun and exhilaration in South Africa as well.


Flip Out Trampoline Arena was Australia’s first & largest trampoline playground. It first opened in Western Sydney, and soon most regions or suburbs in the country had a Flip Out centre.

The idea first came about while the owner & CEO Brent Grundy was sitting in a play centre waiting for a kid’s party to wrap up. He looked around and noticed that half the play centre was full of kids that were either too big or people with nothing to do but sit around and wait.

More importantly, he noticed the parents and guardians were extremely bored and drained from the noise. It was then he decided to create a facility that would not only entertain the kids but also mum and dad, and even the grandparents… and so ... Flip Out was born.