Learn to leap, flip and twist like a ninja with Flip Out’s famous Little Ninjas trampoline classes!

We train your little warriors to develop balance, coordination, agility and quick reactions – all the skills needed to become superheroes of the future!

Taught by our special Ninja Trainers, children learn tricks, flips and twists at their own pace and are rewarded with a different coloured belts as they develop and prove their ninja skills.

Parents relax. There’s no fighting involved – only agility. You’re welcome to watch from inside the arena and even take part in the first lesson!

For ages 6 – 14 years. Purchased on a subscription monthly basis.

Class Times

Mon. & Wed.  17:00-18:00
Tues. & Thur. 18:00-19:00
Sun. 16:00-17:00

Check out the video below!

There are different color belts representing different skill levels. Starting at white belt we teach your ninja all those moves before they can move onto the next belt! Check out a small preview of some the the maneuvers in the belts.

Ninja Belts!

Ninja grading is the last Friday of every month, if you can do all the Ninja Moves in your division you will get your new belt color!

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