Privacy Policy


By providing my personal information to Flip Out Trampoline Arena Franchises Pty Ltd (“FLIP OUT”), (including any of its Franchisees or related entities), I acknowledge and consent that FLIP OUT can collect, use and disclose my personal information for purposes relating to any of its business activities.

I acknowledge that I can access further information on how FLIP OUT handles my personal information by accessing the Flip Out Trampoline Arena Franchises Pty Ltd Privacy Charter.


General Conditions of Entry:

You must abide by the instructions of the Service Provider’s staff at all times or you may be removed from the premises and refused entry in future. This is to ensure safety and enjoyment for all participants engaged in the Recreational Activities. Your entry into the premises of the Service Provider is on strict condition that you comply with the safety and other general instructions given by the Service Provider’s staff. You will not be given a refund for any unused time should you be

removed from the premises for any reason whatsoever and you acknowledge your entry to the premises is strictly on this basis.

On occasion, promotional video or photographs may be used by the Service Provider, which may include your image whilst being engaged in Recreational Activities. By signing this document, you consent to this use unless you specifically request in writing that your image not be used for this purpose.

You acknowledge that security video is used on the public areas of premises of the Service Provider and consent to this use for security and safety purposes.